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It's the simple pleasures of life

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Savor Tasty "Chinese"

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Chocolate Fans

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Fruit Jellies

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Delicious "Nests"

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Butter Croissants

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With Philadelphia Cheese

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Chocolate Bits

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Our Bakery

We believe in the value of quality homemade and artisan baked goods. They not only warm the home, but our products will definitely warm your heart. Our favorite time of day is when our first batch comes out of the oven in the early morning and the fresh smell fills the whole street.


We value fresh ingredients grown locally and turned into traditional recipes that taste amazing. We like to keep it simple and emphasize the flavor over the flash. Come see what we have prepared for you today. Your taste buds will be happy and we know you will be too.

Panaderia Santa Cruz.png
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For all occasions

In Bakery "Santa Cruz" we specialize in creating a work of art to the palate and that is why we offer a variety from sweet handmade bread to exquisite cakes in their unique flavor that you will only find here and our jellies that with their freshness will finish adorning your table for any family or social event. 

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Mexican Artisan Sweet Bread


Panaderia Santa Cruz
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